Ho Chi Minh is a very busy city. I went to some museums like the War Remnants Museum. It tells of the atrocities committed by the Americans during the war. Pictures shown there can be pretty gross. They are in the lines of "Result of the ....... Bomb on Victims" etc.

Dalat is cool, literally. Loved the weather there. They have some pretty nice lakes.

Nha Thrang has a great beach. When I was there, I took a boat trip and did some island hopping around the area. The sea is BLUE. WOW! Cos one doesn't get blue sea in Singapore, it is always brown. Did some snorkeling and sipped beer and wine in the water itself! The food on board was sumptuous too! Lots of thanks to Mama Hanh!!

I had wanted to go Hoi An after that but I've no time. So down I went, back to Saigon. Next, I spent the last 3 days before I left in Mekong Delta and Cu Chi Tunnel. In Mekong, I took a 2-day guided tour with Sinh Cafe, a budget backpacker's travel cafe. The itinerary was very hectic. By the time we reached Cantho, the biggest town in Mekong, night had already fallen. By the time we checked into a hotel it was already 10pm. All the shops were closed and there wasn't much things left to see. I bought a durian at Canto and asked a fellow Japanese backpacker to give it a try. At the first taste, his entire face just shrivelled up in horror! Had a great laugh! The next morning we set off to Cai Rang Floating Market.

The Cu Chi tunnel network is really impressive. I have learnt to respect the Viet Congs, being able to live, sleep and fight in the tunnesl. Its architecture is such a marvel too!



Ho Chi Minh City

Mekong Delta


Nha Trang

Friends I made along the way